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  • Qualifica professionale
  • Firenze
  • 300 ore di lezione
  • Durata:
    6 Mesi
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Emagister.it is glad to present you the new Master course in Engraving – Incisione of the center Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School of Firenze, directed to people that would like to work in the jewelry’s sector.

The course, with a total duration of 6 months, includes courses and workshop lessons, combined with practical exercises. Moreover, the courses can be combined with several others lessons in different subjects. The Master, made from one of the best Jewellery school in Italy, has as aim the teaching of the refined and subtle art of burin engraving, which for ex. the working technique and the taste for the ornament combine admirably, are to be found in Tuscany.

Student can choose between 2 different types of courses, the first one is Engraving on flat metal sheets, with decorative and figurative subjects, in this case the student will learn the techniques of production of dies for etchings, decorative panels, boxes and frames (different levels made decided by engths and levels of the student). The second course is about the Engraving on jewellery, where student will learn how to make engravings on jewellery with almost sculptural results, giving to the object a great added value (only student with a basic level already can afford this course).

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Inizio Luogo Orario
via de Serragli 104, 50124, Firenze, Italia
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· A chi è diretto?

ll the courses include just Workshop lessons and exercises: they are open to all and can be combined with other courses on different subjects

· Requisiti

High school Diploma. It is a prerequisite for foreign students to have a basic knowledge of Italian. A B1-level Certificate(of the European Framework of Languages) awarded from an accredited language centre must be submitted to LAO.The student’s final admission to the school will also be subject to the seats availability. Students who are not in possession of this certificate will have to follow an Italian language test by August 31st at an accredited Italian Language School in Italy or in their respective countries.


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Hand-engraving on metal plate
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Incisione metalli
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Giuseppe Casale
Giuseppe Casale
Engraving teacher


EN - six month practical course - 300 hours
Hand-engraving workshop on metal plate
Degree: LAO certificate
Engraving on flat metal sheets with decorative and figurative subjects. With this technique it is possible to produce dies for etchings, decorative panels, boxes and frames. The school offers courses of different lengths and levels.

EN.AV - six month practical course - 150 hours
Hand-engraving workshop on jewellery
Degree: LAO certificate
Engraving on jewellery. This surprising technique allows you to make engravings on jewellery with almost sculptural results, giving the objects great added value. Only students who have already attended at least a basic engraving course can enrol in this one.