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Tipologia Corso
Luogo Murano
Ore di lezione 20h
  • Corso
  • Murano
  • 20h

Obiettivo del corso: Students will acquire the technique of lamp-working beads. The twenty-years lampworking and selling jewelry experience of the teacher, allows the student a vocational training both in techniques and product marketing.
Rivolto a: They are full immersion courses that could be attended by every one also persons that have no experience in the glass working process.

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Inizio Luogo
Rivalonga,48, 30141, Venezia, Italia
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Rivalonga,48, 30141, Venezia, Italia

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Katerina Rouvella
Il meglio A great experience! In a short period of time the student apprehends a sufficient number of techniques to make his/her own creations. Even though it is a group course, it is very personalized, based on the needs and abilities of each student. What I appreciated the most is that the student feels introduced to the world of glass, to a real Murano, and not to glass as a touristic attraction. Davide Penso has in the years established his own teaching method; he loves innovation and doesn’t forget that mainly he is an artisan.

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The course will deal with the following points:
- Basic knowledge of theory and historical notes relating to the lamp working;
- Set up and safety of the workbench;
- Shaping beads by hand: round shape, cylinder, flat, square
- Surface decorations with points and lines;
- Preparation and employment of the stringers;
- Distortion of the decorations;
- Modeling of cased beads;
- Use of gold leaf and silver.
The course will also give info on the equipment for the bead-working and tips and suggestions on suppliers.

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possibilità di esserre selezionati per continuare uno stage presso lo studio

Validazioni: atestato partecipazione
Alunni per classe: 6
Persona di contatto: davide penso