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      Master Erasmus Mundus di I livello “Euroculture”

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      Informazioni importanti

      Tipologia Master I livello
      Luogo Udine
      Ore di lezione 550h
      Durata 4 Semestri
      Inizio Scegli data
      Crediti 120
      • Master I livello
      • Udine
      • 550h
      • Durata:
        4 Semestri
      • Inizio:
        Scegli data
      • Crediti: 120

      Have you ever dreamed of studying in 3 different cities during your Master programme?

      Emagister can make this dream comes true! With the new Master of Arts in Euroculture, recently added in Emagister platform, you will have the possibility to study in the most beautiful places!

      The Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts in Euroculture offers a network of eight European and four non- European universities: Udine (Italy), Göttingen (Germany), Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), Kraków (Poland), Groningen (the Netherlands), Strasbourg (France), Olomouc (Czech Republic), Uppsala (Sweden), UNAM (Mexico), Indiana (United States), Pune (India), Osaka (Japan).

      As a matter of fact, mobility is the key to this Master. If you want to join the programme, you will spend the first semester in Udine (home university), at the University of Udine, then you will move to another European partner university (host university) and participate in the Intensive programme at the University of Olomouc! In addition, during the third semester, if you will become one of the best European students, you will have the possibility to move to a non-European partner university as an alternative to the professional track. After this amazing period, in the fourth semester, you will return home or to a host university!

      The Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts in Euroculture is a first level Master course (under Italian law) worth 120 European credits (ECTS), or 120 Italian CFU and all teaching activities are held in English.

      This amazing Euroculture programme is granted by The European Commission with the label "Erasmus Mundus Master of Excellence" as recognition of its outstanding quality. Would you like to be a part of it? Contact Emagister, to get to learn more about this opportunity!

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      Dove e quando
      Inizio Luogo
      Scegli data
      Via Palladio 8, 33100, Udine, Italia
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      Inizio Scegli data
      Via Palladio 8, 33100, Udine, Italia
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      Da tener presente

      · Quali sono gli obiettivi del corso?

      The programme aims at: •providing graduates with advanced education for those professions in which knowledge of European culture and EU institutions is relevant; •giving students the means to analyse social phenomena on a European scale; •giving students the means to understand how European institutions and organisations work; •giving students the means to reflect on historical and cultural factors playing a key role in the process of European integration; •making graduates are competitive in an increasingly international employment market.

      · Requisiti

      Enrolment in the Master programme at the University of Udine requires one of the following degrees: - Italian Undergraduate degree - Italian Graduate degree - a foreign degree of equivalent standing Euroculture candidates will be selected according to selection criteria common to all partner universities. Applications for admission to the Master programme are to be presented by means of an online application tool. For more detailed information see the brochure available in the annex.

      · Are there any grants available?

      GRANTS European Erasmus+ programme grants are available to support second semester mobility. Students who do not receive a grant fully or partially covering the costs of the Master can apply for a fee reduction voucher. The amount of the reimbursement is: -€ 1.000 for EU/EEA countries students -€ 2.000 for third country students

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      Marco Rosa
      5.0 13/08/2016
      Il meglio: Insegnamento di altissimo livello ed eccellenti rapporti studente-docente! Grazie di tutto!
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      Anna Tonazzi
      5.0 31/07/2016
      Il meglio: Mi sto trovando benissimo: docenti ottimi e molto disponibili, ambiente ricco di opportunità e per nulla caotico.
      Da migliorare: non mi viene in mente nulla
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      Cosa impari in questo corso?

      Politica internazionale
      Politica europea
      Unione Europea
      Organizzazione di eventi culturali
      Studiare all'estero
      Spazio sociale
      Cultura italiana
      Cultura spagnola
      Cultura francese
      Cultura tedesca
      Cultura catalana
      Cultura Inglese


      Corpo docenti
      Corpo docenti
      Università degli Studi di Udine


      The Master course revolves around six elements common to all the universities.

      1. Core concepts of European society, politics and culture.
      • The main objective is the acquisition of advanced knowledge and research skills related to European integration and its various dimensions, such as multiculturalism, current political governance, European identity and evolving socio-political processes. The core concepts approach integrates historical and cultural perspectives, social relations, political and legal issues, and religious traditions within a European context.

      2. Eurocompetence.
      • This teaching activity prepares students for their professional life and enhances their employability. It gives special attention to the integration of academic knowledge with professional training thanks to project-related case studies and group work. Eurocompetence modules are characterised by a problem-oriented approach, which includes project organisation and management.

      3. Intensive Programme.
      • Students from all partner universities meet for an intensive 8-day course, scheduled at the end of the second semester. It constitutes an important opportunity for intercultural experience and further exploration of the themes dealt with during the first and second semesters. It consists of classes, lectures, a Career Day and seminars for the presentation and discussion of the research papers prepared by the students.

      4. Research.
      • Seminar activities focus attention on specific thematic areas, stimulating students’ understanding of the origin and evolution of cultural identities and processes of transformation as well as of the impact of worldwide political and social developments on European cultures and vice versa.

      5. Internship.
      • Work placement is a fundamental experience, which enables students to apply academic knowledge to a professional track. It consists of at least 16 weeks of work at a suitable European affairs related organisation or institution (embassies, governments and other international, European or regional organisations).

      6. Thesis.
      • The final thesis is a dissertation written in English and prepared during the third and fourth semesters under the guidance of two supervisors (one of the home and one of the host university).

      Ulteriori informazioni

      Typology: Full time

      Level: I

      Duration of the programme: 550 hours

      Period of carrying out: October 2019- September 2021

      Location: University of Udine and universities of the Euroculture networkPlaces available: 25

      Degrees granted: Successful students of the Euroculture programme will receive a joint Master of Arts degree in Euroculture from both European universities they will study in during the 2-year programme

      Deadline to present the application for admission: 30 September 2019

      EU/EEA passport holders: 1.475 € per semester.

      Non-EU/EEA passport holders: 4.500€ per semester.