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Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 2

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Parameterized Reporting Create Report Parameters Modify Report Parameters Provide Default Parameter Values Provide Available Values for Parameters Create Single Value Parameter Reports Create Multi-Value Parameter Reports

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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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Create an Available Values Parameter Report

Create a Parameter Report with Default Values

Modify Existing Parameter Reports

Describe the key benefits and features of report parameters.

Create parameterized queries and parameterized reports.

Create parameters which accept single values, multiple values, expose or hide the parameter value, provide a list of available parameter values, and provide parameters with default values.

Modify existing parameters and parameter reports.

This module introduces the list data region. List data regions allow report writers free-form control over their reports, whereas, table and matrix reports bind you to a table or matrix data presentation. This free-form feature affords the report writer the ability to truly customize the report.Lesson

Introducing the List Data Region

Create Reports Using List Data Regions

Modify Reports Which Use List Data Regions

Create a Multiple Column Report with List Data Regions

Create a Report with Rectangles and Nested Data

Create a Report with Rectangles and Nested Data

Describe the benefits of list data regions and rectangles in reporting scenarios.

Create reports which display data in multiple columns.

Create reports which take advantage of nested data.

Create enhanced reports using list data regions and rectangles.

This module introduces several new report formatting techniques which allow the report writer better control over the data displayed in the report.Lesson

Formatting Reports

Top N Reports

Running Values

Create Conditional Formats for Data

Use Complex Expressions in Charts

Calculate Running Values in Table and Matrix Data Regions

Create TOP N Reports

Create Conditional Formats for Data

Create conditional formats for data displayed in a report.

Use complex expressions in charts.

Calculate running values for groups and datasets.

Create TOP N reports for groups and datasets.

Use row banding in a data region.

In this module, students will add images and reports (subreports) to reports, tour and students will be introduced to SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).Lesson

Add Images to Reports

Retrieve Images from a Database

Introducing SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Report Server

Add Subreports to Reports

Add an Image to an Existing Report

Display Images from a Database in a Report

Format HTML5 Data to Display Properly in a Report

Use SSRS Report Server to Facilitate Subreporting

Add Subreports to a Report

Add Parameterized Subreports to Reports

Describe the available options for adding images to reports.

Add images to reports.

Describe the features of SSRS Report Server

Add subreports and parameterized subreports to reports.

This module introduces the ToggleByItem and Action properties to incorporate drilldowns and drillthrough reporting.Lesson

Add and Configure Drilldown Reporting

Add and Configure Drillthrough Reporting

Add Drilldown Functionality to Text Boxes

Add Drilldown Functionality to Groups

Add Drilldown Functionality to Group Hierarchies

Add Drillthrough Functionality to a Report

Add Parameterized Drillthrough Functionality to a Chart

Describe the key features of drilldowns and drillthroughs in a report.

Add drilldowns to Reports.

Add drillthroughs to Reports.

Add parameterized drillthroughs to Reports

This module introduces the ability to create and add charts to reports. Whether through wizard or individual effort, chart reports or charts as report components allow us to visualize data with or without the details.Lesson


Data Bars


Create Group Charts

Add Indicators and Data Bars to a Report

Add Sparklines to a Report

Add Indicators to a Report

Add Sparklines, Data Bars, and Indicators to a Report

Describe the key features of incorporating mini-charts and mini-gauges in reports.

Add and modify sparklines, data bars, and indicators in reports.

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