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Obiettivo del corso: This course is structured so that you will master the fundamental and basic techniques in black & white photography, from understanding of a reflex camera to developing film and making prints.
Rivolto a: Anyone.


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Via Sant’Antonino 11, 50123, Firenze, Italia
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Via Sant’Antonino 11, 50123, Firenze, Italia
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Week 1 Session 1
Introduction to course. Visit to MB Photography shop to buy material for class.

Session 2
The camera, the lens and the film: their functioning.
Test of light meter, aperture and speed.
(Reminder: Bring your camera, handheld light meter and
manual,if you have it.)
Assignment no. 1: expose one roll of film. Week 2 Session 3
Film development.
(Reminder: Bring exposed film and negative sleeves.)

Session 4
Contact sheets.
(Reminder: Bring developed film and 24x30 cm paper.) Week 3 Session 5
Printing demonstration and explanation about use of contrast filters.
You will make your first print. (Reminder: Bring 18x24 cm paper.)

Session 6
Slide show: nature and urban landscapes.
Bring contact sheets (1st assignment).
Assignment no. 2: urban landscape. (5 images by Session 11)
Negative evaluation in brief.
Review on aperture and speed controls and film development. Week 4 Session 7
Printing: demonstration on dodging and burning.
Free printing time for assignment no. 2.

Session 8
Field trip to Boboli Gardens, the Cascine or to San Salvi: if we go to Boboli Gardens, we will meet at the entrance of Palazzo Pitti (bring your camera and film). Week 5 Session 9
Printing (suggested) and processing film from field trip.

Session 10
Nature and features of the negative. Review on how the lightmeter can be deceived by extreme tones. Week 6 Session 11
Critique of assignment no. 2 (Urban landscape) - 5 images or more.

Session 12
Slide show and lecture about portrait. Analysis of some classic projects about the human condition.
Assignment no. 3: Portrait (5 images or more by Session 16).
Review about technique (Session 14 Midterm test!) Week 7 Session 13
Demo: Different papers (cold and warm tone).
Fiber based paper: printing demo in trays.
Free printing/developing time.

Session 14
Midterm test
Demo about spot toning.
Review on technique.
Possible trip to exhibition, otherwise free printing/developing time. MIDTERM BREAK Week 8 Session 15
Return of tests.
Lecture about my way of looking at photography. Analysis of Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes and/or On Photography by Susan Sontag.
Printing or developing.
(Reminder: Critique next lesson.)

Session 16
Critique of assignment no. 3 - 5 images.
Assignment no. 4 (My house - at least 5 images, critique during session 26) Week 9 Session 17
Assignment no. 5 ("Myself) - at least 10 images.
Start thinking about it. I need a written project by Session 19.

Session 18
Filters in B&W photography. Demo on sepia toning.
Week 10 Session 19
(Reminder: Bring your writtenstatement on final project.)

Session 20
Critique of assigment no. 4
If possible, visit to an exhibition. Week 11 Session 21

Session 22
Demo about mounting and matting.
Developing/printing. Week 12 Session 23
Individual meeting with instructor.

Session 24
Developing/printing. Week 13 Session 25

Session 26
Final critique (Assignment no. 5: 10 images at least and a written paragraph).
T.A.'s will make reproductions of your best photographs.

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