Official master's degree in Analytical Philosophy from the Universidad de Barcelona

Analytical Philosophy

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A Barcelona (Spagna)

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Tipologia Master
Luogo Barcelona (Spagna)
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Crediti 60
  • Master
  • Barcelona (Spagna)
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  • Crediti: 60

Would you like to enrich your skills and knowledge in the field of philosophical analysis and research? presents the master's degree in Analytical Philosophy, a course designed and taught by the Universitat de Barcelona. You will acquire resources for dominating logical-philosophical tools and be able to apply your analytical skills to educational or research tasks.


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Barcelona, Spagna
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Inizio Scegli data
Barcelona, Spagna
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Domande più frequenti

· Quali sono gli obiettivi del corso?

This master's degree will train you to deal with subject matter from contemporary philosophy and you will be able to look at technical matters in more depth and apply them to the practical sphere. You will discover the methods of analytical philosophy and you will be able to use them in philosophical formulations. You will learn how to identify and use theories and arguments from practical philosophy and you will develop a critical and analytical view of existing texts. You will also become acquainted with the analytical philosophy of masters such as Frege, Russell Moore y Wittgenstein.

· A chi è diretto?

The Master is targeted at people who have been trained in the field of Humanities or Philosophy and would like to apply these methods of analysis to education or research. The master's degree is in-person and lasts one academic year, the classes are taught mostly in English and partly in Spanish, and you will have access to quality teaching resources.

· Requisiti

Official bachelor's degree or equivalent in Humanities, Journalism, Linguistics, Philology, Pyschology, Mathematics, Physics, Biology or similar.

Cosa impari in questo corso?

Concepts of analytical philosophy
Formulation of philosophical proposals
Contemporary theoretical philosophy
Practical philosophy
Contemporary values
Contemporary analytical phiosophers
Contemporary philosophical|terminology|Identification of theories and arguments
Assessment of texts
Analytical skills
Reasoning skills
Methods of analytical philosophy


The curriculum is pending publication. The specific areas of the Master are as follows:

  • Learn the concepts and methods that belong to contemporary analytical philosophy and use them in the formulation of a defence for philosophical proposals.
  • Identify the central arguments and theories of contemporary theoretical philosophy.
  • Identify the central arguments and theories of practical philosophy and of contemporary values.
  • Assess the writings of the main contemporary analytical philosophers.
  • Identify the ideas lying between the debate and contemporary philosophical search.
  • Interpret and assess texts from different ages and traditions.
  • Use contemporary philosophical terminology.

Ulteriori informazioni

The price of the master's degree for foreigners who are not resident in Spain, who are not nationals from European Union member countries, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Andorra is €82 per ECT credit. 2013-2014 Academic Year.