Official Master's Degree in Intellectual Property

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
A Madrid (Spagna)

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Tipologia Master
Luogo Madrid (Spagna)
Durata 1 Anno
Inizio Ottobre
  • Master
  • Madrid (Spagna)
  • Durata:
    1 Anno
  • Inizio:

The program leads to the Official Master's Degree in Intellectual Property from Comillas Pontifical University (List of Official Degrees published in the Region of Madrid's Official Gazette (BOCM), of March 30, 2007), in accordance with the contents of Chapter II of Royal Decree 56/2005, of January 21, whereby official postgraduate university studies are regulated.

Seeking to offer a modern academic approach through specific training, the Official Master's Degree in Intellectual Property's consolidation is endorsed by the participation of some of the main management and law firms and companies, which collaborate by awarding grants and hosting internships as part of the agreements in place, and by encouraging and fostering professionalism and expertise in this field of Law.

In short, the professional careers it leads to and the interest shown by companies in this course justify its place among our Official Degree programs.


Dove e quando

Inizio Luogo
C/ Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015, Madrid, Spagna
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Inizio Ottobre
C/ Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015, Madrid, Spagna
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· Quali sono gli obiettivi del corso?

Enhancing the legal, economic and technical training of students, so that they may adapt to the real needs of companies, firms and organizations working in the field of intellectual property, specifically in the new market environment. Delving, in an integrated manner, into the legal, economic and technological areas of knowledge required for the specialized management that these rights demand in their various fields. Learning and receiving training from top professionals in the field of intellectual property on the theoretical content and practical application of sections of the program with regard to the complex and conflicting reality of the sector. Gaining professional experience through academic internships in a company or institution directly related to the scope of protection of intellectual property rights, while implementing and consolidating their acquired knowledge, always under the guidance of an experienced professional from the firm, company or institution where they conduct their internship.

· A chi è diretto?

The students admitted to the postgraduate program in previous academic years (Official Master's Degree and Advanced Program in Intellectual Property) have displayed a high academic and curricular level, generating a qualitative and progressive improvement of the course of study.

· Requisiti

The scope of protection and specialization concerning intellectual property (based on the legal and economic content, the presence of new technologies on the subject of intellectual property) means that the students are now expected meet the following academic profile: Law Graduates; Holders of a Licentiate Degree in Business Administration and Management; Or advanced university degree holders in Industrial Engineering and IT. Meet other academic and professional requirements and qualifications as well as knowledge of another language.

· In cosa si differenzia questo corso dagli altri?

The study proposal is backed, on the one hand, by the excellent academic and professional results from the previous thirteen generations of graduates (the University's Master's program and Advanced Program in Intellectual Property), and, on the other, by the confidence placed in an Official Master's Degree in Intellectual Property that caters to the current legal requirements, as well as the adaptation of their academic content to the European Higher Education Area regulations.


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Ignacio Tobías
5.0 01/03/2015
Il meglio: ICAI es muy exigente, pero estar estudiando este doble grado aquí merece la pena por las muchas oportunidades que tenemos dentro y fuera de la Universidad, incluso desde 1º, y el buen ambiente ayuda mucho. Me motivó a venir el prestigio, el trato cercano, los acuerdos internacionales, y el gran número de prácticas que tienen la mayor parte de asignaturas; aún siguen siendo los aspectos que más valoro.
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Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property
Study of copyright and related rights


The content is divided into basic topic blocks on intellectual property, with an academic training allocation of 60 ECTS credits (academic credits under European postgraduate regulations).

  • A general section covering Spanish, European and international rules and regulations.

  • The study of the powers and functions of the intellectual property right management entities, including organizations such as AISGE, EGEDA, VEGAP, AIE, CEDAR, SGAE, which are the most relevant in and outside Spain.

  • The study of copyright and related rights conducted by professionals specialized in each sector, including book publishing; musical, dramatic, audiovisual, computer and multimedia works; and the internet.

  • Also, the undeniable influence of the new technologies is included in a complex section that focuses on the studyof intellectual property in biotechnological innovation.

  • Likewise, an equally essential and useful part of this program is the one about the economic analysis of intellectual property rights, taught by leading lecturers and researchers specializing in the economic analysis of Law.

  • To complete this comprehensive theoretical and practical course of study, which is required of a Master's level program such as this one, the students must complete an academic internship period within organizations and firms in the sector, as well as a Master's dissertation or project that encompasses all the content learned.