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Photonics for Data Networks and Metrology

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Data traffic will experience a dramatic growth over the next years driven by 5G access, high-definition video, virtual and augmented-reality contents, and the considerable growth in cloud services due to Big Data Exchange. Photonic data networks will be required to be more and more pervasive and elastic, to supporting the paradigm of Internet of Thing and to enabling Industry 4.0.
Besides data transport, photonic networks will also distribute time and frequency (T/F) standards for research and industry, enabling orders of magnitude performance improvements with respect to satellite systems, over continental geographical areas.
The list of institutions supporting the initiative testifies the need for a vertical multidisciplinary knowledge, from the transmission layer up to the IP layer, and training such new professional figures is indeed the mission of the 2nd level Specializing Master's Programme.
The Programme is supported by the EU through the project H2020-INFRAINNOV-CLONETS and will offer theoretical and practical lecturing, hand-on experiences and a final internship in European industrial and/or research environments.

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via giotto, 20100, Torino, Italia
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via giotto, 20100, Torino, Italia


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The purpose of the Programme is to give multidisciplinary knowledge and competence on photonics transmission and networking as well as on fundamentals of metrology and of time reference distribution on telecommunications infrastructure based on optical fiber transmission. The Programme is aimed at students with different backgrounds: graduated in the ICT field and graduated from schools of Physics and Metrology, and will train hybrid professional figures who will be able to design and manage state-of-the-art photonic networks to support the ever-increasing IP traffic demands well as to distribute time references from and among metrology centers.
  • Digital Communication
  • Optical Transmission
  • Photonic Devices
  • Time and frequency metrology
  • Ultrabroadband access networks
  • Long-haul optical transport
  • Photonic Networks
  • Quantum Communications
  • Photonics applications in metrology
  • Time and frequency laboratory
  • Security for ICT
  • Communications laboratory
  • Internship

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