Master in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment


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Immerse yourself in the world of entertainment -and match it with economics and management- with this Master in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment, offered by Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, that has added to its educational catalogue.

This program relies on three main assets: Bocconi’s international reputation for research and teaching in economics, management and law; Milan, with its economic vitality and vibrant creativity; and Italy, with its artistic and cultural tradition.

These elements represent the ideal setting for preparing students to build an international career as managers or entrepreneurs and professionals in fields commonly referred to as the creative industries, including the visual arts, the performing arts, cinema, the media, publishing, entertainment, tourism, fashion, design and luxury.

In recent decades these sectors have had, and continue to have, a central role in the economic development of many countries: this role is linked to their ability to produce economic value and to improve their attractiveness, adding to social well-being and quality of life.
Core courses are complemented with workshops that help participants fully understand the dynamics of each subfield of the industrial and non-industrial arts and cultural sectors.

Workshops embrace a practitioner’s perspective and a down-to-earth approach as core lectures and case discussions are enhanced with different off-campus visits, various meetings with managers and professionals, commissioned business projects and field research on emerging issues and challenges that creative business and public sector organizations in the arts and cultural fields are facing.

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If you are interested in attending a 2019/20 AY Bocconi Master of Science Program, find out more about the necessary steps: when to apply; selection process; results; enrollment process for admitted students

Graduates are typically offered career opportunities in the following specialized sectors: cultural heritage and the arts market; media (television, cinema, radio, traditional publishing and multimedia, the music industry); communication; editing and media; live entertainment; tourism; fashion and design. Typical professional profiles within these sectors include the following: Entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, consultants in the fields of cultural heritage, communication, live entertainment, media and fashion Managers in communication, radio, television and cinema, publishing and new media, fashion, entertainment and live performance companies Managers at cultural, museums, archiving, archaeological and tourism foundations and institutions Consultants and experts in the evaluation and care of artistic and cultural heritage Program schedule managers in communication companies Royalty managers Internal and external communication managers Organizers of entertainment and festivals Experts on cultural tourism Experts on consortium activities (arts, culture, sport and communication) Planners and developers of theme parks

The ASK Centre for Research on Art, Science and Knowledge focuses on economics and management of the arts and culture and completes research in the same fields of knowledge pertaining to the MSc in Economics and Management of Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment. MSc students therefore have the opportunity to collaborate with ASK on field projects concerning the management of culture and the arts. The ASK Research Centre studies cultural heritage and production in contemporary art, media and entertainment industries. It promotes and manages research studies on demand by private and public institutions, grants for basic research programs, and academic research, coordinating researchers from different Bocconi departments, as well as researchers directly engaged by the Centre or from other universities. It aims to enhance its collaborative network in the perspective of building a European-based knowledge and competencies platform. ASK integrates economics and various dimensions of cultural and artistic activity, developing research and training activities in the fields of: Art Market and Cultural Production, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Industries (media), Performing Arts and Entertainment.

The following are included in the 1st installment: in addition to program fees, the registration fee of € 275.00, the regional tax of € 140.00, fixed stamp duties of € 16.00 and It is also required by the bank an expense of € 3 for MAV generation. Amounts and installments for students enrolled from 2nd year 2018-2019 a.y. can be found to the following web link. Throughout the entire legal duration of the degree program, the amounts due for the registration fee and tuition will be adjusted regarding inflation and any other updates. Moreover, students can benefit from further fee reductions through percentage reductions or evaluation of the particular situation of the family. For Bocconi students who decide to attend a second Master of Science program at Bocconi, a reduction of 40% off the overall cost of tuition and fees is offered. This is equal to exemption from the 2nd payment installment.

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  • E-business
  • Management
  • Spettacolo
  • Project manager
  • Project financing
  • Arte
  • Management dell'arte
  • Management della cultura
  • Management della moda
  • Management dello spettacolo


Program Structure

The program is structured into two different blocks: core requirements and majors.
In the first block students will develop advanced knowledge and competencies in the areas of intellectual property rights, data analysis, strategic management and corporate governance, comparative cultural policies and fundraising, project and event management, consumer relationship management and cultural mediation, performance management and evaluation.
In the second block, students will choose one major (including compulsory and elective courses) and workshops which aim to better define and specialize students’ skills and professional orientation in different fields and subsectors in the creative economy.

at Bocconi (Milan)

First Semester
Main topics:

  • Strategic Management and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • International Property Law
  • Customer Relationship Marketing in the Arts
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Second Semester
Main topics:

  • Fundraising Management
  • Comparative Cultural Policies
  • Team and Project Management
  • Cultural Studies
  • Major workshop

Students will accrue a broad and interdisciplinary preparation: core courses focus on what is different and important when working as managers and entrepreneurs in the cultural sector.

at Bocconi (Milan) and /or abroad


  • Arts Markets, Heritage and Culture
  • Cities, Tourism and Events
  • Fashion and Design
  • Media
  • Performing Arts and Entertainment

Study Abroad Programs

  • Double Degrees with:
    CBS Copenhagen Business Schools (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    HEC École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (Paris, France)
    Southern Methodist University/HEC Montréal (Dallas, US/ Montréal, Canada)
  • Exchange Programs

Internship (compulsory)
Foreign languages (two languages)

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Master in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment

piú di 9000 €