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Are you interested in increasing your knowledge in management? If your answer is “yes” then you should join this Master in International Management, by Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi that has added to its catalogue.

This challenging study program gives students the tools required to understand the global world we live in, training prospective managers and entrepreneurs to make a major contribution to the performance of organizations of all types around the world, while applying the ideas of responsible and sustainable futures to business operations in practice.

The MSc in International Management is divided into three different programs, which will expose you to different international learning environments (International Management, CEMS MIM, China MIM). You can choose the program that best fits your individual needs and preferences.

So, if you want more information about this programme contact Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi through without hesitation. You won’t regret it!

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The Master of Science in International Management has the following educational objectives: provide advanced preparation in the main business areas focusing on the international context: business management, marketing, corporate finance, labor management, operations and supply chain; develop a complete overview of the problems linked to the operative, strategic management of companies operating on a global scale, keeping in mind the peculiarities of an international and often multicultural context; complete your preparation in the business field providing competences in subjects as economics, quantitative and juridical, so as to develop problem analysis skills in interdisciplinary areas; develop behavioral skills via ad hoc seminars and via in / out of class activities related to courses, namely skills in communication, in interaction, in addressing complex issues; promote fluency in English to work effectively and efficiently; proficiency in a second EU language (Italian for non-Italian native speakers). Finally, to foster a wide-ranging culture to develop critical thinking and to delve into cutting-edge topics.

Students graduating from this Master of Science typically pursue careers with an international outlook at: Large multinational firms, in a variety of departments and in different roles that require knowledge about cross-border management and international functional strategies such as global sourcing, international marketing and finance Consulting firms, in particular for tasks involved in cross-border consulting projects Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as business development managers, export managers or expatriate managers to contribute to the expansion of the SME in foreign markets Companies operating in symbol-intensive markets, reflecting the unique abilities Italian firms are known for on a global scale Research centers and educational institutions making a significant contribution, due to the systemic and interfunctional knowledge of how firms operate Government agencies

If you are interested in attending a 2019/20 AY Bocconi Master of Science Program, find out more about the necessary steps: when to apply; selection process; results; enrollment process for admitted students

During their first year, students are expected to attend classes and to participate in class activities, which - in many courses - are important components of the final grades. In the first-year courses there will be no distinction between attending and not-attending students in terms of exams. Students that, for any reason, decide not to attend classes or participate in the required activities will likely be penalized in their grades. For the same reason, curricular internships must take place only upon completion of students’ course work in their first year of study.

In the online application, you can express five choices (ranked in terms of your preferences) from among the different MSc programs offered at Bocconi. In the case of the MSc in IM, you have three options: IM, CEMS MIM and China MIM. Each of these options is independent and you can select more than one. For example, if you are interested in both the MSc in IM and the MSc in Finance, you could express the following choices: 1) CEMS MIM; 2) IM; 3) Finance; etc.

The following are included in the 1st installment: in addition to program fees, the registration fee of € 275.00, the regional tax of € 140.00, fixed stamp duties of € 16.00 and It is also required by the bank an expense of € 3 for MAV generation. Amounts and installments for students enrolled from 2nd year 2018-2019 a.y. can be found to the following web link. Throughout the entire legal duration of the degree program, the amounts due for the registration fee and tuition will be adjusted regarding inflation and any other updates. Moreover, students can benefit from further fee reductions through percentage reductions or evaluation of the particular situation of the family. For Bocconi students who decide to attend a second Master of Science program at Bocconi, a reduction of 40% off the overall cost of tuition and fees is offered. This is equal to exemption from the 2nd payment installment.

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  • Management
  • International business
  • International management
  • Economia
  • Finanza
  • Finance
  • Management delle organizzazione internazionali
  • Import
  • Export
  • Corporate strategy
  • E-business
  • Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Performance Management
  • Law


In the first year students are provided with the fundamental concepts of International Management through core courses and seminars that all feature a highly interactive methodology and are largely based on individual work as well as teamwork.

In the second year students complete their study program by choosing a free track or apply for a study abroad experience. They also have to take part in a compulsory internship - in Italy or abroad - study foreign languages and discuss their thesis to demonstrate their research abilities.

at Bocconi (Milan)

Main topics:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Organization
  • Marketing Decisions
  • International Finance
  • Foundations of Globalization
  • Principles of Business Analytics
  • Performance Measurement
  • International Comparative Business Law
  • Global Operations and Supply Chain Management (compulsory)


at Bocconi (Milan) and /or abroad

Free track

  • 3 electives

Study Abroad Programs

  • Double Degrees with:
    Cass School of Business, City University London (London, UK)
    Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina (Columbia, US)
    ESADE Escuela Superior de Administracion y Direccion de Empresas (Barcelona, Spain)
    FGV-EAESP Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas (São Paulo, Brazil)
    HEC École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (Paris, France)
    HSG University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
    IIMA Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad, India)
    The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Exchange Programs
  • Internship (compulsory)

Foreign languages (two languages)

CEMS MIM Program

In Bocconi the CEMS MIM program is offered during the second year of the MSc in International Management.

About the one-year CEMS MIM degree program:

  • It is a global program (31 partner universities and around 80 corporate and social partner) of which Bocconi is one of the four founding members and the only Italian partner university
  • It was jointly designed by universities and the corporate partners that shape the CEMS network.
  • It is exclusively open to students studying at the prestigious member universities
  • It provides a select group of high profile, internationally-minded and multilingual top students with the know-how and expertise needed to succeed in the new international business environment taking on senior international management roles
  • Designed by both academic and business leaders, the CEMS MIM program connects university education and business expertise and is therefore able to offer keen insights into management best practice
  • The MIM study plan includes not only innovative interdisciplinary courses but also seminars and real case studies in order to develop the necessary skills to work in international teams
  • Students benefit from a lifelong connection with the CEMS community, both professionally - with access to job opportunities and employers - and also as part of a very active, supportive network around the world
  • Over 12000 CEMS alumni with 85 different nationalities currently occupy positions at various management levels in a broad range of industry sectors across the world.
  • At the conclusion of their studies, participants will be awarded both the Master in International Management degree issued by CEMS and the Italian MSc degree in International Management issued by Bocconi.

Students participating in the CEMS MIM program will have to pay an administrative fee on top of MSc tuition and fees.

China MIM Program

Organized jointly by Bocconi and Fudan University, this innovative double MSc degree offers an outstanding opportunity for graduate students. The first year is spent at the School of Management of Fudan University (Shanghai) with a focus on developing deep knowledge and skills in the key areas of business with a focus on the Chinese market. The second year is at Bocconi University, where students decide a specialization by selecting four courses within a wide range of electives, integrating study abroad opportunities and at least one international internship.

The program offers the following benefits:

  • It responds to a rising demand for talented people who understand how to do business in both the East and the West
  • It provide students with a strong knowledge and understanding of Europe and China from both a business management and a cultural perspective
  • Students gain essential knowledge of the market and business skills that can be transferred directly to companies operating in the two markets or interested in internationalizing and creating professionals able to fill such a gap in the marketplace
  • Graduates obtain two graduate degrees through studying at two prestigious universities in China and in Europe.

Note that:

  • the program targets third-year Bachelor students who will graduate:
    - by June 2019 if coming from international universities
    - by July 2019 if graduating at Bocconi and Italian universities
  • Admission to the program will take place at the same time as admission to the MSc program.
    Students holding a Chinese passport cannot apply for this Double Degree program.
  • Students participating in the China MIM Program will have to pay an administrative contribution due to personalized services and assistance
  • Students participating in the China MIM Program should arrive in Shanghai for the start of the program in the second half of August.
Project History

The agreement on this double degree was made public on 4 July 2005 in Beijing by Zhou Ji, Chinese Minister of Education and Letizia Moratti, Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, who issued a joint statement on educational cooperation.

In the agreement, the two countries decided to develop a collaborative project in higher learning. The universities involved are Fudan University from China and Bocconi University and LUISS Guido Carli from Italy. Students and faculty from LUISS will be involved during the students' first year, when they are at Fudan.

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Master in International Management

piú di 9000 €