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Master in Management of Cultural and Artistic Activities

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Tipologia Master
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Durata 12 Mesi
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  • Master
  • In 2 sedi
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    12 Mesi
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ESCP Europe presents on the Master in Management of Cultural and Artistic Activities.

Today, culture and the arts are a full-fledged economic sector. It requires special know-how and expert knowledge. Over the past two decades, cultural activities and institutions have experienced dramatic growth. Careers in the field have undergone a complete transformation in both the private and public sectors.

The hallmarks of this transformation include new ways of assessing the value of cultural products, appreciating the diversification of sources for financing, understanding new methods of increasing public appeal, and most notably, a heightened emphasis on budgetary priorities.

In this context of financial rationalisation, a strong need has developed for a reassessment of the sector. The majority of book publishing, news, multimedia, theatre, television and cinema is produced by multinationals that now look for “enlightened” managers. Companies that produce and disseminate cultural goods and activities strive to recruit high-level managers who are capable of developing their activities and creating and overseeing cultural production.

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Paris (Francia)
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3, rue Armand Moisant, 75015


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· A chi è diretto?

Profile of the MS Management of Cultural and Artistic activities Class of 2017 Academic background: Humanities and Social sciences: 10% Art history: 17% Literature and Philosophy: 13% Fine Arts and Architecture: 17% Law: 17% Media and Culture: 3% Political sciences: 20% Life science: 3% 48% international students 75% women, 25% men

· Requisiti

Eligible applicants must hold a master's degree (research or professional) in fine arts, architecture, engineering, management, public administration, political science, humanities or in any other field. The following degrees are required for eligibility (in fields such as engineering, management, medecine, architecture, humanities ... ): A "Grande Ecole" degree A Master's degree (5 years of study) A Post-graduate degree (over 5 years) Other degree equivalent to the above (please consult us)

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Piano di marketing
Turismo culturale
Management aziendale
Management del turismo
Marketing del turismo
Tourism management
Area manager
Promozione culturale
Artistic activities
Management della moda
Management eventi
Event manager
Eventi culturali
Management eventi culturali
Organizzazione eventi
Organizzazione di eventi musicali


Candidates must be proficient in English with a good knowledge of French and Italian.

Course Modules

Courses address both theory and real-life applications. They are taught by full-time ESCP Europe Faculty and successful professionals. Are also included numerous meetings with professionals in this sector and alumni of the programme.

Main areas covered:

  • Strategic and operational management of cultural organisations
  • Cultural heritage and activities legislation
  • Marketing of cultural products
  • Arts and culture economics
  • Programming and Supervising of Cultural Organisations
  • Art Accounting and Management Control
  • Finance and taxation of cultural institutions and products
  • Project management of cultural products
  • Cultural policy
  • Technological innovation for cultural organisations
  • Cultural Heritage

List of classes (may be subject to change):

Strategic and operational management of cultural organisations
Cultural Organisations Management Strategies
Cultural Politics and Business Strategies
Strategic Management for cultural and artistic activities (Class taught in Venice)

Cultural heritage and activities legislation
Contracts Laws, Copyrights, and Performing Arts Contracts
Internet Law and Big Data
Law and Sponsorship
Managing a Cultural Site
Law and the arts (Class taught in Venice)

Marketing of cultural products
Marketing for Culture
Cultural marketing (Class taught in Venice)

Arts and culture economics
Introduction to Economy
Takeover of an unprofitable Structure - Le Lucernaire
The Musical Industry
Cultural Engineering
The economics of art and culture (Class taught in Venice)

Programming and Supervising of Cultural Organisations
Presentation of the Paris Opera
The Publishing Market
The 104
Cultural products and markets (Class taught in Venice)

Art Accounting and Management Control
Management Control
Management Control in the Theatre Industry
Management of a Private Theatre
Management Experiences
Accounting and management control for the arts and culture industries (Class taught in Venice)

Finance and taxation of cultural institutions and products
Finance and taxation in arts and culture industries (Class taught in Venice)

Project management of cultural products
Media Management
The Manager and the Work of Art
Project Management for cultural and artistic activities (Class taught in Venice)

Cultural policy
European Policy for Culture
Culture and International Relations
Regional Cultural Projects
Illegal Trafficking of Art

Technological innovation for cultural organisations
Appreciation of Cultural Products through Innovation
Innovation (Class taught in Venice)

Cultural Heritage
Exhibitions, Acquisitions, Collections
Private Monument Management
Showcase of Monuments Heritage
Projects and Experiences
Development and promotion of cultural heritage (Class taught in Venice)

From April to December, students must complete an in-company internship of at least 4 months. ESCP Europe assists students in locating internship opportunities and networking with companies.

The internship is an opportunity for practical application of the theoretical concepts learned from courses, with an eye to establishing a career. In many cases, corporate employers consider the internship as a trial period for a permanent position.

The Company Relations Department of ESCP Europe is, among other things, dedicated to gather placement offers from many companies. The department also organises a series of fairs involving firms, giving Specialised Master® students many opportunities to make contact:

  • Meeting Companies, which takes place every year in October, is intended for Specialised Masters and 3rd year Master in Management students: over 100 companies are involved, including international banks and audit and consulting firms, etc.…
  • Conference cycles ‘One hour/One job’ and ‘One hour/One sector’, allow students to fully grasp the reality of different professional functions within companies from various sectors
  • The January ESCP Europe Forum brings together around 120 French and international companies to present their job offers

Ulteriori informazioni

The fees for the academic year 2018/2019 are set at 14,800€* (including costs of the international seminar - transport & accomodation - and the reference books). The fees are invoiced either: in one instalment at the beginning of the academic year ESCP Europe also offers the direct debit option: in that case 6 monthly instalments to be paid between November and April. Applicants who are offered a place must confirm their acceptance and pay a non-refundable deposit of 2,000€ for tuition fees.

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