Real estate valuation and financing

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Investing in and financing properties is one of the most difficult “games in town.” Therefore, it is crucial to keep up with current market changes and challenges to be able to exploit opportunities. This course has been designed to provide a practical and comprehensive knowledge of this entire subject.




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The course is designed for real estate professionals at any level who are exposed to real estate financial models on a frequent basis. It will be useful for both real estate analysts who would like to start building their own real estate models quickly, rather than relying solely on coaching from existing team members, as well as for mid-level to senior managers and entrepreneurs who want to gain a detailed understanding of the dynamics of debt and financial return fluctuations.

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  • è un'università molto conosciuta

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  • Real estate
  • Present Value (PV)
  • Real estate assets
  • Space & capital markets model
  • Players and Investment styles
  • Real Estate Financial Analysis
  • Loss and Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statements
  • FCFO
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Space & capital markets model


  • Introduction to real estate market

- Characteristics of real estate assets
- Space & capital markets model
- Players and Investment styles

  • Real Estate Financial Analysis pro-forma forecasting

- Real Estate Profit & loss and Balance sheet
- Cash flow statements with unlevered FCFO

  • Main return and value estimation financial metrics:

- Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
- Present Value (PV) & Net Present Value (NPV)
- Pay Back Period & Discounted Pay Back Period
- Equity Multiple, Property & Dividend Yields

  • An introduction to Property Valuation

- Value definitions: market value and investment value
- Appraisal methods

  • Real Estate Capital Markets

- Cost of equity & cost of debt
- Capital structure

  • Excel for cash flow models
  • Case study: income producing property appraisal
  • Guest Speach on a Real Estate Development Project
  • Introduction to development appraisal

- Residual model technique, site and profit calculations
- Discounting development cash flows
- Case study on a Real Estate Development Project

  • Introduction to real estate finance

- Corporate & structured finance
- Bank loan contractual forms
- Income producing properties financing
- Term sheet examples
- Case studies on debt financing

  • Guest Speech on Debt financing
  • Case study: development project analysis with structured financing
  • Risk analysis & simulations

- Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis
- Monte Carlo Analysis

Course Wrap-up and Q&A

""""A unique program of real estate provided by experienced lecturers and guests speakers. The result is an enjoyable program that I strongly recommend to the real estate professionals who are interested in getting on insight into this world. """"

Jean-Christophe Mikail | Entrepreneur

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Real estate valuation and financing

5.500 € +IVA