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The Accademic Architecture Lab takes place in an architectural studio, where the theory of architecture is combined with real works. The internation architectural studio gives the students the opportunity to know architects, designers, artists, companies from Italy and all over the world. The florentine and italian tradition and culture in art, design and architecture become the centre of our work to design new and modern architecture. The students, learning the laws of architectural composition elaborated during the Renaissance and the centuries of italian architecture, will attempt to interpret a new shape of space and architecture.
Lectures, critics, dialogs and visits about art, philosophy and current affairs and the latest tendencies in design and architecture will help traditional lessons and workshop. Our idea of school is similar to the Latin “studium”, where students can talk, work together and improve themselves, finding their personal reality and hence, their path through life.
Living Florence is a unique and amazing experience, learning from the most important italian “school” of art and architetecture. The city is the theatre of an endless lesson where Florence is a silent teacher, able to speak to the mind and soul of the student.

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Via degli Artisti 18 nero, 50136

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Studing the laws of architectural composition, history of art and architecture the student will be able to deal with a modern project of architecture, thinking about diffent and new shape of space.

Everyone that wants to improve or learning knowledge in architecture.

High school degree; Bachelor degree

The lessons take place in an architectural studio where the students can work on real projects, side by side with architects, designers, artists and companies. The international relationship with our partners all over the world give the student the opportunity to deal with diffent cultures, while manteining the impression and the quality of Italian design.

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  • Architettura
  • Architettura di interni
  • Tecnologia dei materiali
  • Architettura 3d
  • Architettura degli interni
  • Architettura bioclimatica
  • Autocad 2d
  • Autocad
  • Rhinoceros
  • Sketchup
  • Storia dell'architettura


Giovanni Voto

Giovanni Voto



  • Course structure:

    •Architectural LAB

    •Architecture Survey

    •Observation and Perception drawing

    •Technology and Building materials

    •Urban Design LAB

    •History of Art and Architecture

    •Building Constructions visits

    Additional Module:

    •Design Field Trip

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Short Course - International Architecture Lab

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